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2009 – Learning Centre Otago Polytechnic

Hello again, this is my first posting for ages. I am working back at OP Learning Centre 3 days a week as well as two days in the Early Childhood Centre. I will be picking up the peer tutoring role again and will continue with developing resources on wikieducator so welcome all collaborators. Let me know if there are any specific areas you want me to cover for your students and I’ll do my best to find/create useful resources.


Learning Centre staff coming on board with website

My colleagues in the Learning Centre have had a look at the pages I have put up on the OP website and are now showing an interest in becoming involved with their creation and maintenance. This is very good news, as in order for the pages to continue to improve we all need to add our expertise. I will continue to search for existing resources and link to these and also see where we need to develop new resources. The Learning Centre still has a few handouts which we could make available online.

Podcasting – what is it and how do we do it?

embedding slideshare

Slides courtesy of Tonywh

Manipulating windows on the desktop: instructional video

This one ended up longer than I would like. I think I might be improving but still a long way to go.

The Windows Desktop

To understand the items on the desktop

Project Update

Chrissie has asked for another project update:

Learning Centre website: A meeting with the web developer about three weeks ago will hopefully soon result in a new page for the Learning Centre which we can load content into. I sent Tom some images at his request and am waiting to see what he comes up with.

Creation of Short Courses: These are continuing.

1. The Peer Tutor training course is developed and in use now. It is a living document and will continue to be developed as time allows.

2. Develop Skills for Tertiary Study: This course is in development and aspects of it should be ready for use by orientation and induction next year.

3. Improving Your Literacy: Still to be developed. An additional developer for this course is recommended.

4. Improving your Numeracy: Still to be developed. An additional developer for this course is recommended.

5. Computer Literacy Skills: This has recently been identified as a priority. Two meetings were held recently to talk about the possible contents for this course and a list was created in wikieducator. Some progress is being made towards authoring the material for this course but it does require a degree of technical know how. Consequently there is a “training” aspect involved before content can be created. This job could be expediated by involving more people in the Polytechnic with technical skills and knowledge of IT applications. The involvement of interested staff from the CLC’s would improve the progress of this project.