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Project Update: Learning Centre Website ‘Live’

Last week I created the first pages for the Learning Centre website. Visit Otago Polytchnic Website and look under  ‘studyhere’. These pages will provide online help in a variety of content areas. There are many links out to other websites on the net and many of the pages will link to the courses I have been building in wikieducator. The course  Develop skills for tertiary study will provide the majority of the links. As I build my skills in editing in Typo3 (the cms of the OP website) I will modify and hopefully improve the Learning Centre pages as I go.

The Peer Tutor training course is complete and I have posted the last assignmnet to the Blog.  I must report that I found using a blog and a wiki to teach an online course pretty much trouble free, however most students never managed to set up an RSS feed.

The two courses ‘Improving your Literacy and Numeracy‘ are developing nicely, with William Lucas currently building content for the Literacy module. Also a number of OP staff are starting to collaborate on creating the course  ‘Computer Literacy Resources’

So to conclude this post, I feel as though the progress rate has tripled since receiving the Typo3 training and things are starting to fall into place nicely.


Project progress update – Sept 07

I have made a leap forward with the creation of the course – Develop skills for tertiary study. This has been due to the decision to utilize Blackboard courses already in existence within Foundation Studies.  The main task is to edit them and transfer them to the wiki platform. So once I sort out various access issues (mainly to a file server for OIL modules)  this should become easier.  My biggest problem at the moment is trying to work here at the office with very slow internet speeds. I have started working at home where I have much faster internet, though I think I might be chewing through our 6 Gig’s. It just took about four minutes for me to create the link above! The “Improving your computer literacy” course is also coming along gradually. I have stalled a bit with the Peer tutor training course – I am (once again)  having trouble locating resources (human, digital or print) regarding protocols/practices for working with Maori students. So if you are reading this and can help please contact me.

Project Update

Chrissie has asked for another project update:

Learning Centre website: A meeting with the web developer about three weeks ago will hopefully soon result in a new page for the Learning Centre which we can load content into. I sent Tom some images at his request and am waiting to see what he comes up with.

Creation of Short Courses: These are continuing.

1. The Peer Tutor training course is developed and in use now. It is a living document and will continue to be developed as time allows.

2. Develop Skills for Tertiary Study: This course is in development and aspects of it should be ready for use by orientation and induction next year.

3. Improving Your Literacy: Still to be developed. An additional developer for this course is recommended.

4. Improving your Numeracy: Still to be developed. An additional developer for this course is recommended.

5. Computer Literacy Skills: This has recently been identified as a priority. Two meetings were held recently to talk about the possible contents for this course and a list was created in wikieducator. Some progress is being made towards authoring the material for this course but it does require a degree of technical know how. Consequently there is a “training” aspect involved before content can be created. This job could be expediated by involving more people in the Polytechnic with technical skills and knowledge of IT applications. The involvement of interested staff from the CLC’s would improve the progress of this project.

Project update

Chrissie (my Manager) has asked for a project update so I’ll post it here and give her a paper copy as well.

Yesterday I resorted to pen and paper to chart the development of the courses on the wiki. One thing you do not get to see easily from a wiki page is the whole picture behind the wiki page and you can forget what links where and which resources and activities are where. So I now have a large A3 sized map of all the pages I have created on wikieducator. About 40 pages so far. These pages consist of a module or unit standard outline, pages of resources and pages of activities. I have created four separate courses; Peer tutoring, Develop skills for tertiary study, Improving your Literacy and Improving your Numeracy. The Peer tutoring course will run next semester. The Develop skills for tertiary study course is essentially a self help course made up of directions to notes and exercises in websites on academic writing and study skills . This course may either be self paced or directed in which case it could earn credits for the student.

As for the Learning Centre web site, the work we did last year on the website has disappeared and the online booking system and the virtual Learning Centre interface are still in limbo. I am still waiting for the job I logged in May to be actioned by the web development team. I tried to progress this job mid June by asking for a File Server at the very least but still no action there. I have just added another comment to this job to try and get some action. Until I have a platform to show academic staff I am reluctant to consult widely with OP staff about online support for students.

I and a couple of my colleagues at Otago Polytechnic have continued to search and evaluate existing web resources and these are being tagged to delicious under adulted-tekotago or learningcentre-tekotago or Peertutoring-tekotago and also incorporated into the courses on wikieducator. The Tertiary study skills course on the wiki can continue to be developed and when the web page has been created the idea is to transfer most of it over. I hope this will work.

As far as other attempts at providing support to our distant students, we are still resorting to paying literacy and numeracy tutors in other parts of the country to support our students (only one). All Learning Centre staff need to have Elluminate training and students studying in distant parts need to be shown how to use it too. The problem still mainly only exists in the Vet Nursing course.

I am not sure whether the LC should have a Blackboard course or not? Leigh Blackall who is the EDC Programme Developer for this project has not been encouraging me to use this platform as he has a preference for open courseware. Unless there are reasons I’m not aware of I don’t see the need to duplicate the work in two systems.

So far there has been no collaboration with TANZ or ITPNZ partners – I sent an email to members of ATLAANZ when I started this blog and the wiki and received a response from one member, other than that one communication I have been working alone. This does not include the wikieducator community which is supportive and encouraging.

I was able to direct one OP staff member (who teaches an online course) to the OIL modules which she was not aware of (though most of her students should have been because another lecturer on this course used them). She was looking for resources for researching and writing skills.

So to recap:

Website – virtually no progress,

EFTS Generating Short Courses – considerable progress, but still need to meet with Chrissie to discuss how Develop skills for tertiary study, Improving your Literacy and Improving your Numeracy will be delivered to students.

Customising OIL modules- One has been customised for Foundation Level students. by Wendy Ritson-Jones.

Project progress update

Well moving to wordpress has slowed me down a bit as I now have to find my way around this. Anyway, the Learning Centre project just keeps on growing! we are now considering creating short courses in digital technologies and information literacy. This will hopefully be with collaboration with the Community Learning Centre’s, Design school, and??? I have also been considering our role in creating learning outcomes for the sustainability project and see a way this could be done. The context of the LC tertiary skills courses could be ‘sustainable living’ and any essay topics/examples/readings etc could be within this context.