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Digital literacy discoveries this week

1. Some gadgets offered in google sites do not display well (or at all) when viewed in chrome. The fish gadget in my eportfolio is an example. It works beautifully in internet explorer and safari.

2. I have returned to bloglines for my e-reader (as google reader is shutting down next week! ) It took me awhile to discover the edit button beside the name of the website for some reason. I have subscribed to all the course participant blogs.

3. I have started organising my emails (gmail) with “circles”, google+, and labels. Still waiting to discover the benefits. I think the sharing of docs and pictures will be useful.

3. I discovered the about me page and decided to create one. Again I am not too sure if I need yet another website, however it seemed to link in with google sites so I went with it. Not sure if I will use this much.

4. I need to learn how to turn off the automatic category tick. All my postings are going to Literacy and Numeracy.  i then have to go back and edit.


Learning to use Google ‘Sites’

As I am now facilitating on a new course in the GDTE  it is time to extend my digital literacy skills once again. I am experimenting with google ‘sites’. Here is my e-Portfolio thus far :

I am not happy with the layout at present and changing it so far has not been intuitive.

My e-Portfolio will be where I document my work as a facilitator for Learning and Teaching in Practice.

Useful software for networked learning

Audacity for audio,

gimpshop and gimp for image manipulation,

CMap and Gliffy for mindmapping, and web-based tools e.g. Flickr (images),

Bubbleshare, slideshare,

Youtube, bliptv

Camstudio: Free streaming video software

Wikipedia. Free, easy, web based and open source

Picasa image editor. Free, so easy it’s a joy

Skype telephone. Free, easy

Useful websites:

Creative Commons



Talk from David Wiley

I have listened to this talk by David Wiley on Learning Objects and the benefits of open course software. He explains a bit more jargon and fills in quite a bit of history. It’s worth a listen if you have a spare hour or so, I was organising some of my photo’s while I listened so made good use of the time!

Revelations from wiki meeting

I hosted a meeting in my office for any staff here at Otago Polytechnic interested in wikieducator and about eight or nine turned up. Leigh has documented this thoroughly in his blog
I will go back and read it sometime. As for what I got out of the meeting, the thing that finally sunk in for me is how Blogs can be used as the interface with students and the wiki is really just the repository for the activities, readings, etc for the course. The Blog will be where I communicate with the students and direct them to specific pages in the wiki for the learning activities etc. I will also use the blog to direct them to other resources on the internet and embed vidoes etc into the blog. So its the BLOG that is the central tool here and everything else flows from that! (most of you probably knew that already – what do they say about learning? – it takes seven times hearing something repeated before you learn it!)