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Manipulating windows on the desktop: instructional video

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This one ended up longer than I would like. I think I might be improving but still a long way to go.


Using a Bloglines Account

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How to subscribe to Blogs using Bloglines

Blackboard Login

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How to log in to BB from Otago Polytechnic website

Investigations of Elluminate

Well I have made some progress investigating Elluminate. Thanks to Gary Dietz for sending me this link
and Terry, Bronwyn and Leigh for further discussions and demonstrations of this software. I can certainly see a use for it in the Learning Centre to support our distant students. An example of how we may use it would be in working one to one with a student helping them with the proof reading of their essay. The essay can be on the white board for both of us to view and we can speak to each other and talk about things that need changing or correcting. Another use would be to talk to a power point presentation. This presentation could be on any topic at all – say referencing, using a library catalogue, study skills. I would like to practise using it with another teacher at the Polytechnic who also wants (should) learn to use it.
Terry, Bronwyn and I thought it would be a good idea to invite all the teachers here at Otago Polytechnic using Blackboard to come to a meeting on a Friday afternoon (we will entice them with wine) and demonstrate Elluminate. Following this we would like to form a User’s /Learners /support group which meets regularly. I am especially keen to do this with staff who are teaching open entry courses where there are higher numbers of Foundation level learners. I see Elluminate as one way of working (almost) f2f and 1:1 with these learners.