Digital literacy discoveries this week

1. Some gadgets offered in google sites do not display well (or at all) when viewed in chrome. The fish gadget in my eportfolio is an example. It works beautifully in internet explorer and safari.

2. I have returned to bloglines for my e-reader (as google reader is shutting down next week! ) It took me awhile to discover the edit button beside the name of the website for some reason. I have subscribed to all the course participant blogs.

3. I have started organising my emails (gmail) with “circles”, google+, and labels. Still waiting to discover the benefits. I think the sharing of docs and pictures will be useful.

3. I discovered the about me page and decided to create one. Again I am not too sure if I need yet another website, however it seemed to link in with google sites so I went with it. Not sure if I will use this much.

4. I need to learn how to turn off the automatic category tick. All my postings are going to Literacy and Numeracy.  i then have to go back and edit.


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