Student Activities

Here are a list of ideas I have for activities students could undertake as part of their courses in order to learn about aspects of living sustain-ably.

Focus on Politics

1.Choose an issue e.g. Child Poverty (How to tackle), Transport (future strategies), Energy (future strategies), Trade (future strategies)

Make an appointment to interview local party representatives (National, Labour, Greens, Act) and find out what their party’s policies are in response to the chosen issue. Compare and contrast the party’s policies and try to make predictions or judgement on the effectiveness of these policies and which party you think would be the better party to vote for with respect to this particular issue.

2. Look up the National Party policy for an issue (social, economic or environmental) and compare it to two other political parties

What is the same, how do they differ, what are the possible effects of each policy?

3. Research Southern Basin Oil drilling. Write a persuasive argument for or against. References:,,

Focus on Food Security

Develop a group/community project to increase the local food production of Dunedin.

  • Create a permaculture garden either in their own garden, a community garden or a friend’s garden. (
  • Network with local food producers (meat and vege)  to increase  production, develop community sharing networks, labour for food exchanges etc. Try to decrease reliance on supermarkets.
  • Lobby the DCC to increase community gardens and form a working group (

Join the local Student Environmental group and get involved with a project. STUDENTS FOR ENVIRONMENTAL ACTION (SEA)

An OUSA society with a focus on sustainable environmental practices in Dunedin. They have many different projects, field days, workshops etc. on the go during the university year, including gardening initiatives such as seedling giveaways. web page: email:
Campus Greens
Young Greens
Focus on Climate Change Action
Compare the main political party’s policies on climate change.

One response to “Student Activities

  1. Hi Helen
    Some great ideas here and what I like is they are getting to the heart of the issues which are basically political.

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