Fossil fuel subsidies – fund clean energy?

Governments are artifically lowering the price of fossil fuels. Most of the world’s fuel subsidies are given out in transitional and developing countries – especially those which themselves export fossil fuels.

Speaking to the Guardian, Fatih Birol, chief economist at the International Energy Agency (IEA) said that a phase-out of subsidies would avoid 750m tonnes of CO2 a year by 2015, potentially rising to 2.6 gigatonnes by 2035. He claimed such cuts could provide around half the emissions reductions needed over the next decade to reach a trajectory that would limit global warming to 2C, considered the limit of safety by many scientists.

“Fossil fuel subsidies are a hand brake as we drive along the road to a sustainable energy future,” he said. “Removing them would take us half way to a trajectory that would hold us to 2C.”

See full article here:

Question. How do we influence the governments of places like Nigeria?

Would a campaign to put the pressure on world leaders at the G20 Summit in Mexico and at the “Rio+20 Earth Summit” coming up in Brazil work?

Let’s get it on the agenda for Rio – email Amy Adams see link below:\

The suggestion is to use the trillions of dollars of subsidies to fund clean energy alternatives. Now that makes sense.


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