My response to a colleague’s blog posting.

These are my thoughts in response to the following blog post ‘starting out’ by Heather

Yes a splendid suite of apps, but what do they have to do with sustainability? I have grappled with this over the weekend and after initially thinking they have frack all to do with saving humanity, I now think that perhaps they do. It is not because they reduce the use of paper, as paper is a renewable resource and computers are not (that’s obvious) but it is because they are part of a “suit of things” we call technology. If you think of sustainability as the prevention of the extinction of the human species, then technology is going to be our only way out. The planet will be here long after we are not (well until the sun becomes a red giant anyway). And when you reaslise that 95% of all species having lived on Earth are already extinct then well perhaps that’s nature’s way too. No, there really is no notion of  “sustainability” on Earth and for humans to continue indefinitely we have to find a new planet and that will be done by the use of technology. So let’s embrace technology and live sustainably for as long as it takes to colonise another planet in the universe so that when the lights go out in our solar system we will be happilly (peacefully and sustainably) inhabiting a different rock in the sky.
If we don’t wake up to the perils of continued economic growth, peak oil and climate change VERY soon however, I don’t think our current rate of technological discovery will save us. Perhaps someone could ask the Arab states to start putting some of their oil money into space travel instead of luxury ocean going “yachts”.


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