Reflection on resourcing and implementation plan for module in GCTLT

See previous post on technology choices . Ongoing training will always be needed for staff to improve their digital literacy.  Some of the technologies I have mentioned in this list may not already be familiar to most staff, however upskilling in digital literacy is already a PD priority for the institution. I would personally like to see more people engaging with training on the use of Elluminate as this technology enables synchronous communication at a distance with other digital resources available to enhance the session.

As with other courses in the GCTLT, a facilitator will need to be appointed to oversee the course and provide the blend of self-paced online activities with the f2f and group activities.

As teaching staff are moving more towards delivery of their courses using  Moodle as a platform for the content, additional training in creating digital support materials for their students would be valuable. A literacy and numeracy lens should be applied when viewing all content developed for students. Training of  EDC staff to apply the L&N lens when working alongside teaching staff would also be beneficial.

When viewed in general terms, there are minimal resourcing requirements for this course other than sufficient time allocated for the facilitator.

Costs associated with training to embed literacy and numeracy

Room and computer lab hire for f2f training
Here is a link to a developing Implementation PLAN


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