The Empathetic Civilization

After a day of reading up on sustainability, from Sam’s Computing for Sustainability to This from NAS,  I found this video embedded in Ian MacKenzie’s Blog and decided to post it here as it relates nicely to an earlier post of mine.

Jeremy Rifkin investigates the evolution of empathy and the ways that it has shaped our society.

I tried to pen a response to Sam’s post on “A world without sustainability” and was led off on too many side trips by my research that I abandoned the task. However I think I might fall into the camp of people who think  “sustainable development” is an oxymoron. How about chucking out the word development and using  “sustainable equilibrium” ? But then again,  I’m not sure.

It is getting late and I still haven’t even got to Dave Pollard’s Links and Tweets of the Month. Tomorrow 😉


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