Constructing Courses – Requirements for section 3

Practicalities of the proposed design of the  course.

  • Existing learning activities critically reviewed – what works and what doesn’t.
  • Proposed learning objects, media and activities are described, as well as the way in which they will be used.
  • Reflection on resourcing, including any new technologies, staffing and training provided.

Learning objects and media:

Wikieducator will be used as the ‘face ‘ of the course. It will have links to resources and contain the instructions  and requirements for assessment. Wikieducator is chosen because it is open source software and can be accessed without a password and easily off campus. Moodle will be used as a resource repository for Otago Polytechnic specific resources and the forum and blog functions will be used for communication.

Learning Activities:

  • Face to face meetings with course facilitator
  • Lunchtime workshops and presentations from L&N ‘Champions’
  • Arranged teaching observations of experienced L&N embedders
  • Opportunities for team teaching with L & N Advisor
  • Teaching  Portfolio (see Assessment)


  • L & N Advisors in School of Foundation Learning and Learning Centre and EDC

Assessment Method:


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