Discussion around Assessment

After going to a workshop in Christchurch last week and coming away from it feeling a tad frustrated I have sinced clarified how we intend to assess the learning outcomes of this qualification. As we are embedding a level 5 unit standard into a level 7 qualification (the GCTLT) assessment will not take the form of looking for evidence within stated performance criteria. Evidence will be gathered by a number of means, ranging from teaching portfolios, interviews and teaching observations. I will need further discussion with developers of the GCTLT to determine appropriate assessment methods for the module I am developing.

As for assessment of the level 5 certificate (NCALE), that will be through a process of APL at the Centre for Assessment of Prior Learning.

Assessment of Prior Learning (APL) is an internationally-recognised academically valid way of recognising the understandings that people have gained through their experience. Through APL, candidates are encouraged to identify, articulate, demonstrate and reflect upon the understandings and skills they have developed in their lives (both through their work and any other relevant learning experiences).

CAPL’s pioneering approach

APL at the Centre for Assessment of Prior Learning (CAPL) at Otago Polytechnic has been a world leader in its approach to providing APL. CAPL’s pioneering approach is highly learner-centred in that we:

  • Carefully interview potential candidates to find out the qualifications, or part of qualifications, that best reflect the understandings that they have.
  • Take an holistic approach to ensure that the whole of a candidate’s understandings are explored and expressed
  • Value the insights each learner brings
  • Provide expert facilitation to help draw out candidate’s learning, and to enable them to understand the level of presentation they need to achieve

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