Shame on NZ and the National Government – No to the Boycott UN’s conferernce on Race Relations

The United States were the first to boycott the conference and a number of other countries, including New Zealand, followed suit. – Is this what we are to expect from the National Government from now on? – Ok The President of Iran was certainly ‘in your face’ but if you look at the history of Palestine – DO YOU BLAME HIM??? Countries like NZ, Britian, USA, Australia have to admit the state of Israel IS racist and the creation of this state in Palestine was one of the biggest stupidest mistakes in all of history. It is at the core of so much of the worlds’ troubles today. No we cannot undo the past but we can at least allow discussion on the subject – open some dialogue and admit mistakes were made.

Thank you to Commissioner Joris de Bres for attending the conference in Geneva independently of the Government and for questioning why New Zealand chose to stay away.

The UN’s high commissioner on human rights has condemned President Ahmadinejad for political grandstanding but says the appropriate response is debate, not boycotts. – I agree! We must debate these issue and not allow NZ to be pulled along with countries like USA and Britian – their agenda is not necessarily ours.

NZ has a history of attempting to redress past injustices in Aotearoa, perhaps past injustices in Palestine also need redressing for the world to move forward in peace. Maybe NZ could have played a part in helping to bring this about.

NZ Race Relations Commissioner Gives Speech at UN

Labour accuse McCully of Being a Bully

Iran works on new proposals for more nuclear talks

Shame on you John Key – shame


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