Staff Communication – PD opportunity

Kia ora,

You may be aware there is currently a TEC funded ‘Literacy and Numeracy Capability Development’ project underway within the Otago Polytechnic. This is a three year project to embed the Progressions for Adult Literacy and Numeracy into courses.

The Foundation Learning Progressions for Adult Literacy and Numeracy (FLP ) are a new national tool that have been developed for use in tertiary education. There is a TEC expectation that embedding literacy and numeracy into all of OP’s programmes will become ‘business as usual’ following the three year project. It is also hoped the use of the FLP will enhance teaching and learning and lead to an improvement in the success and retention of our students.

Last year TEC funded a “literacy cluster’ programme which focussed on embedding literacy into vocational course content. This year they are funding a ‘numeracy cluster’.

The three numeracy strands include:

Making Sense of Number to Solve Problems

Reasoning Statistically

Measuring and Interpreting Shape and Space.

The ‘cluster meetings’ are for OP staff only and consist of 8 full day workshops spread over 6 weeks and 4 other shorter meetings. You DO NOT have to be a maths expert to participate in this professional development. If you are lacking in confidence with your numerical skills then this is the PD for you. Often learners make the best teachers!

Equally, if you are a maths expert this P.D. is for you. You will be shown methods and strategies for bringing the content down to the level of the learner.

This P.D. time is over and above the time for P.D. you have already been allocated and we also have funding for relievers to cover your class responsibilities.

If your programme manager hasn’t already done so, could you please discuss this opportunity with them or contact Helen Lindsay directly.

This is an opportunity for you to take a leadership role within your school and become a “champion” of the foundation learning progressions. Following the cluster meetings you will be encouraged to take a leading role in your school or programme to support other staff with the task of embedding the numeracy and literacy progressions into the various courses offered by your school.

The dates for numeracy cluster professional development are as follows:

April 21 and 22 (&23rd 1 – 2 hours possibly)

May 14 and 15

June 3 and 4 (note a change from earlier correspondence to PM’s)

June 25 and 26

Week beginning July 20 – 2 days TBA

Week beginning Aug 10 – 2 days TBA

Ka kite ano,



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