Peer Tutoring – amended

It has been decided that the Peer Tutor training is no longer compulsory so this message replaces the one in the previous post.  Hopefully students will still access the resources in the blog/wiki.

Peer Tutor Training 2009

If you want to be a peer tutor at Otago Polytechnic in 2009 you must ask a suitable person in your department for a reference and take it to Helen in the Learning Centre. Helen will add you to the database and arrange for an employment contract to be generated. Once all the paperwork has been completed Helen will match you with a ‘tutee’ in your subject area. After you have met each other at the Learning Centre you will arrange times and a place to meet. You will be given timesheets to complete and these must be signed by your tutee and delivered to Helen each fortnight. The pay rate for peer tutoring is $15.13 per hour.

Peer Tutor training and support is available online through a Blog called “Students Tutoring Students” at the following URL:

It is recommended all tutors make good use of this resource, it is designed as a communication tool as well as a place to find resources to support your tutoring. To participate in the training you must have access to a computer and be able to create your own blog for posting your reflections, comments, ideas and questions. To create a blog go to and follow their simple instructions. If you need help to do this make an appointment with me at the Learning Centre. Once your own personal blog is created send me a link either by email ( or by posting it in a comments section of the course blog. If you know how, set up an RSS feed to this and other tutors’ blogs.


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