2009 – Learning Centre Otago Polytechnic

Hello again, this is my first posting for ages. I am working back at OP Learning Centre 3 days a week as well as two days in the Early Childhood Centre. I will be picking up the peer tutoring role again and will continue with developing resources on wikieducator so welcome all collaborators. Let me know if there are any specific areas you want me to cover for your students and I’ll do my best to find/create useful resources.


4 responses to “2009 – Learning Centre Otago Polytechnic

  1. Its just easier to use Dave. It embeds more media, and you can upload pictures and video to it easier, and it seems to get less spam. Personally, I’m a little sick of WordPress and the amount of spam I get. Not being able to embed all types of media frustrates me too. I do like the statistical information that WP offers, but we can get that info from other services. I’m serously thinking of moving my LearnOnline into Blogger again…

  2. I’m so stoked that your back at OP. 🙂

    I’m completely mentally flat out, so I might not find the time to come down for a visit in the next couple of weeks, but I’m sure I’ll see you soon anyway.

    Leigh – Why Blogger?

  3. Cool, I am happy to help fellow bloggers if I can.

  4. Welcome back Helen, its great to have you back.

    Hopefully you’re still in the Networked Learning email group.

    On Tuesday evenings at 6pm I intend to be running workshops in social media ope to the public. I hope staff and students will take advantage of it. They will be free. I’m just waiting on enough numbers – same problem as the old lunch time sessions.

    I want to invite guests in to talk about a particular thing.. such as you and your use of WordPress and Wikieducator for example 🙂 I am hoping to generate enough interest so that the Community Learning Centre facilitators will become proficient and help spread the awareness of these things.

    You may have noticed the Blogging Handbook in Wikieducator. We’re always looking for activities and resources for that.

    Also, we will be starting our teacher training courses soon, and it would be great to be able to send them (as students) to the learning centre for some technical support. We encourage them to use Blogger.

    3 days a week hey? 🙂

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