More rambles in the life and times of an Early Childhood Centre Manager: Self Review

I am stoked to hear our Kei Tua o te Pae ( Assessment in Early Childhood Education) training is going to recommence next week. It stalled back in March because our tutor unfortunately became ill.

I have also heard the Ministry of Social Development has approved my funding application to run the School Holiday programme. I still don’t know to the tune of how much yet but I am hopeful – The last holiday programme ran at a loss because we did not secure funding in the last round.

I had an incredibly intense staff meeting last week which involved me literally pouring information over the teaching staff as fast as I could before they could escape at 7 oclock. The first one made a beeline for the door at about 6.45 and it was all down hill from there. I managed to convey a number of important messages before they bolted, in particular pointing them to ERO’s green book which nicely lists all the performance indicators for the delivery of a quality educational programme. The lists include descriptions of what the children would be observed doing as well as what the teachers should be doing.

In preparation of ERO’s visit, inspection of recent ‘Learning Stories’ has revealed that those teachers that have adopted the template I produced back in April? are at last assessing children’s learning more fully and are able to plan for these children based on their individual interests and dispositions. Gone (she says hopefully) are the meaningless colourful scrapbooks of old which provided no continuity of planning.

The focus of the Governments ERO reviews in ECE this year is ‘Self Review’ – Most of my job is self review and it is not until quite recently that I have begun formally documenting it. Topics I have reviews this year include:

Assessment (Learning Stories) Here is the documentation of the process. self-review-profiles1

As I am trying not to work so much in the weekends I will end this post, however I hope to post an exemplar of a good Learning Story here next week and talk more about the performance indicators as listed by ERO.


2 responses to “More rambles in the life and times of an Early Childhood Centre Manager: Self Review

  1. Germanic-efficient timetabling? Definately not. The training we are receiving from Dunedin College of Ed. is starting to shed more light on how we should be assessing children’s learning.

  2. paul martin

    “meaningless colourful scrapbooks ” Surely not – I thought, in a Viking sort of way, that early ed was for fun(damentals). Germanic-efficient timetabling should be balanced with much experiment and scope for self-expression (information rich or otherwise).

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