Montessori – Maths activities

I have decided to start providing some internal PD for staff at our fortnightly staff meetings. We have a number of staff who have the NZ Dip in ECE but minimal formal Montessori training. I will start at the beginning with: (see wikieducator link below)

Indirect Preparation for numeracy which is an awareness of cardinal numbers, ordinal numbers, numerals, one to one correspondence, sequencing and tally counting. Also concepts of size, length, area and volume. These activities are for infants and toddlers.

The Pink Tower: This is part of the sensorial education but is also a preliminary maths activity. It develops visual discrimination of size and volume.

The Broad Stair: Visual discrimination of thickness and differences of two dimensions – area

The Long Red Rods: Visual and muscular discrimination of length.

Direct preparation: Learning Numbers 0 – 10

1.number rods – This activity is the child’s first experience with a fixed quantity.

The purpose of this material is to learn the quantity of numbers 1 – 10, to learn the names of numbers 1 – 10, to associate the names with the quatities (tally counting), to learn that there is a relationship between numbers 1 – 10, to show that each number is a composite of other numbers. Also it is indirect preparation for the decimal system.


3 responses to “Montessori – Maths activities

  1. ilike to join

  2. Yes, I am planning to put the pictures into the wiki as well, that is really where they ought to be, there is hours and hours of work to be done there and I ran out of time yesterday. As for adult education, The Montessori method’s biggest strength is to isolate one skill at a time and has built in controls for error, so it would probably lend itself to very technical subjects or practical applications such carpentry . It is also used to very good effect with literacy and numeracy of course, so I’m sure activities could be designed for learning more advanced concepts here as well. I’d be keen to spend all my time developing these sorts of things if given the chance.

  3. Excellent idea to start a Monte’ section in Wikied.. trouble it, your blog entry on it looks heaps better!! Pictures in the wiki?

    David McQuillin and I were wondering last year if Montessori design principles could be used in Adult training somehow. No doubt they already are, I’d be fascinated to see it

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