Project Update: Learning Centre Website ‘Live’

Last week I created the first pages for the Learning Centre website. Visit Otago Polytchnic Website and look under  ‘studyhere’. These pages will provide online help in a variety of content areas. There are many links out to other websites on the net and many of the pages will link to the courses I have been building in wikieducator. The course  Develop skills for tertiary study will provide the majority of the links. As I build my skills in editing in Typo3 (the cms of the OP website) I will modify and hopefully improve the Learning Centre pages as I go.

The Peer Tutor training course is complete and I have posted the last assignmnet to the Blog.  I must report that I found using a blog and a wiki to teach an online course pretty much trouble free, however most students never managed to set up an RSS feed.

The two courses ‘Improving your Literacy and Numeracy‘ are developing nicely, with William Lucas currently building content for the Literacy module. Also a number of OP staff are starting to collaborate on creating the course  ‘Computer Literacy Resources’

So to conclude this post, I feel as though the progress rate has tripled since receiving the Typo3 training and things are starting to fall into place nicely.


4 responses to “Project Update: Learning Centre Website ‘Live’

  1. Hello, sorry about the delay… you could try or It should be one or other of these.

  2. susan hurrell fieldes

    please could I have the email address of Marilyn Webb..printmaker..with thanks..susan hurrell fieldes

  3. Have spent the afternoon adding pictures to the pages. Looks more lively now. Will have to get more humans in them though as you suggested .

  4. good stuff Helen. Now you can teach me how to use Typo3. Best way to learn is to teach hey 🙂

    Reckon you should add a picture in there. Perhaps one of all we friendly teachers next time we meet to discuss Computer Literacy Resources..

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