Todays meeting – creation of short courses

There is a growing need for more support of students doing online courses now and in the future at Otago Polytechnic. So our priority is to create ‘short courses’ or instructional resources for this purpose. We created an Index in David’s wiki “Computer Literacy Resources for Teaching”

The list is very long. The list was generated from previous suggestions and looking at the Q4U pamphlets and OU’s Tip Sheets.

The plan is to author the original content in wikieducator and then contract developers to turn it into a suitable format for students. Who those ‘developers’/’designers’ will be, is yet to be determined. We will probably need additional authors as well.

In the afternoon Wendy, Sonny, Leigh and I looked at how to create a screen recording We then had a go ourselves. Unfortunately Leigh had to leave before we had done this satisfactorily. There is still a question in Wendy’s and now my mind about using camstudio and licensing/copyright problems.


2 responses to “Todays meeting – creation of short courses

  1. Hi Dave,
    Wendy had a concern, but it after getting a reply from camstudio directly it looks as though there is no problem. I will forward to you her emails to me regarding this if you want to look into it further.
    It is something someone needs to pay some attention to.

  2. Hi Helen,

    What’s the question re: camstudio & licensing/copyright?


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