Meeting re. Online support materials

David summarised our meeting last week so I can conveniently copy and paste it here for safe keeping.

Attending: Helen Lindsay, Leigh Blackall, Sonny Teio, Dave McQuillan,
Sandra Elias, Wendy Ritson-Jones, Phil Morrison

We talked energetically about the benefits of having learning
resources distributed over the internet via popular distribution
channels such as you-tube, or having them centralised (on an OP server
for example). We eventually decided that we could have the best of
both worlds by having a centralised page (now set up in bare bones
form –
linking to learning resources which may exist anywhere on the web. If
you’ve got anything useful please jump in & create a link to your
resource to get this page going.

We established that we need a fairly complete package or learning
resources to be ready by the end of the year to send to all new
online students (CD-ROM & Booklet is the current vision). The
priority list of what could be included in this package is still to be
made so let Helen know what your requirements may be, and also let her
know if you are able to contribute to the project.

Resources will need to be continually developed/sourced to keep them
current with the changing software environment.

Resources can be developed by either staff or students (The option of
embedding this as an assessment item for Sonny’s BIT students was
mentioned). Pre-existing quality resources could also be sourced from
various web-sources.

Leigh showed us some software which could be used to create learning
resources fairly quickly & easily (i.e. within about 10 minutes once
competant). Cam studio / Camtasia – to create video resources, Screen
Hunter (to take static screen shots out of video), several others that
I can’t remember the name of??? There will be another meeting for
anyone who’s interested in getting some tuition in the use of this
software. I think this is next week on Wednesday, but contact Leigh
or Helen for confirmation if you’re interested.

We talked about the need to support students with different learning
styles by a combination of video & text-based resources.

We talked about the place of the community learning centres in online
orientation. I said that my vision was for my students starting their
online studies to be provided with a range of online orientation
activities that were supported by the staff of the CLCs (f2f)and our
departmental staff (online). It was pointed out that not all
students are able to come into the CLCs for various reasons and we
discussed the option of phone support which could also perhaps come
from the CLCs? Helen is going to follow this up & see if this type of
support for online orientation is possible.


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