Project: Phase Two – Orientation Instructional ICT Videos

It is time to stop creating short courses on wikieducator and focus on creating instructional material for students to become competent with online technology such as Groupwise, Blackboard, Wiki’s, Blogs etc…what else??. I am thinking a CD ROM containing short screen videos of how to do various things within the range of applications they may be using. It will be essentially an expanded digital version of the f2f Introduction to OP Technology course which is offered during orientation and induction. I hope to meet with Sonny T soon to find out what is in his course and also have a meeting with Dave McQ, Wendy and Leigh.

Here is a link to some instructional videos on how to use camstudio


2 responses to “Project: Phase Two – Orientation Instructional ICT Videos

  1. Would be good to get the tutors creating them. Finding good character in a screenrecording is the trick.. maybe some of your design tutors will come up with some funny and creative ways of screencasting – so long as it covers our needs or video and print handouts

  2. Why CD? Well.. why not. Have you found the YouTube downloader extension for Firefox? Click tools>add-ons>find up dates.

    The extension actually helps you download more than just YouTube.

    And with the Videora iPod converter, it is really quick and easy to get these movies into Quicktime playable – even good for the iPod movie player… for whatever that’s worth…

    Personally I think it will be important to create screenrecordings and PDFs to go with them. Camstudio is good for teh capturing, then ScreenHunter is good for grabbing stills out from there to create print documents.

    Takes about 30 minutes to set this up. We could look at this on Tuesday or Wednesday hey?…

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