Time for another post – just because it is…

Well I’m delighted to report that I now have at least three other collaborators on the wiki, “the lovely William” (otherwise known as Hadashi) has added a montage of a variety of ethnicities in people on the Understanding Cultural Differences page and the equally lovely and patient Leigh has added a humorous podcast on this page. So celebrations at my place tonight! I was also stoked to find out from Wayne that I was the first person to make use of the template for Flickr photo’s he had just created – even though the photo I had uploaded had a slightly different licence than the one he invisaged, and he has also edited the attribution to another photo I had uploaded so… Thanks!. I think I still have a bit to learn about referencing multimedia and copywright, but I’m getting there, I know now the best licence to go for is the straight By: , Share- Alike may be more problematic – and non-commercial in a wiki? – well that’s just confusing!

I have now advertised the Peer Tutor training course to students – as usual only a small response from students. Do any of you actually read your Tekotago email???? Thanks to the two of you who have replied.

Perhaps I’ll contract someone with design skills to make me a poster – know anyone? Aah I think I may have a Peer Tutor who fits the bill.

Anyway – I’m missing Coronation Street to write this so I’ll sign off for now,



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