Unit Standards Galore!

Today I spent a little bit of time trawling the NZQA site for unit standards which could transfer to my wikieducator short courses and came up with about 12 ranging from level 1 to level 4 . I looked into the Domain: Work and Study Skills and the Domain: Supported Learning – Interpersonal and Social Skills. Also the Domain: Delivery of Adult Education and Training (which housed the first three we have already transcribed to the wiki) had one more which had potential. I have saved these to a shared file in the Learning Centre. I then spent a couple of hours this afternoon adding resources to the Library of Resources pages of the Tertiary Skills section of the wiki and created three activities for Time Management . I logged yet another job with the web development team to try to get the LC website up and running again. I desperately need a File server so our resources are available to students online. And finally today I have heard of a distant student who needs help with her maths for drug calcs in vet nursing. I am more than willing to facilitate a 1:1 Elluminate session with her but it will require some organisation /training? her end from her course facilitator. Perhaps all distant students could be trained to download and use Elluminate during the first block course they attend in the year – or better still during orientation and induction. – Is this a Student Support issue or a Vet Nursing Department Issue. I tend to believe the latter as surely they are using Elluminate with their students anyway? Or something similar? Comments please.


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