Peer tutor training course – progress and collaboration :-)

Since my last post the Peer tutor training course in wikieducator has taken on a new look. Leigh spoke to Willie Campbell and asked her if she knew of any NZQA unit standards which may be appropriate for peer tutor training. Willie suggested two, one of which lead us to a very good third. They are units:
7095, Facilitate adult learners’ individualised learning
7114 Coach adult learners
7093 Design learning sessions for adult education and learning.
These have been reformatted in the wiki and other content has been moved around to fit with these assessments. The Peer tutoring course is a five credit paper and these unit standards add to at least 15 credits so I won’t be expecting students to complete every element of all three standards to achieve the peer tutor training course. However the Peer tutor training will staircase into further teacher training courses taught here at otago Polytechnic. The unit for Time management 12349
is also in the wiki under “Develop skills for tertiary study”. I have started creating iDevices like readings, activities and assignments.
Leigh and I spent a bit of time this morning refining the structure of the course bearing in mind the bigger picture for the rest of the Polytechnic and how all our courses can link together. The structure follows Leigh’s diagram with the addition of an index page for the activities. I’m very happy to discover that two new people are now interested in the wiki: Peer tutoring (Jim Tittsler and Brent Simpson) and their ideas are discussed on the Discussion page.
(Thanks, I will be trying out some of these ideas soon). Oh and we’re going to try to have a skype conversation with Jim and Brent.


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