Wiki is coming along but still a solo effort :-(

I am making some progress on the wiki with adding content but I am becoming a bit disappointed that the collaborative nature of the wiki is yet to reveal itself to me. Despite advertising to my colleagues all around NZ that I am working on a project that could be of use to them I am still the only editor. I suppose it takes time for things like this to catch on. Also I have discovered that most people are reluctant to publish draft material for all the world to see. (Note to myself: Remember to ask Leigh for those names he thought I should contact to get some collaboration going). This week I went through some of my del.icious sites and created links to them from the wiki. I also had a look for useful YouTube videos but the speed of downloading was infuriatingly slow tonight. Serves me right for being so boring and staying home on a Friday night!


2 responses to “Wiki is coming along but still a solo effort :-(

  1. Leigh Blackall

    also, you might like to join the Wikieducator mailing list. There is a social aspect to collaboration don’t you think? Bit like what we try to build in the Networked learning list..

  2. Leigh Blackall

    Hey Helen,, now now, be patient, and perhaps your idea of collaboration is a little out? I have seen you collaborate already! You linked to Dave’s Kinaesthetic Learners resource. That’s using Dave’s work in your own mix, linking is collaborating :).. I’m not surprised non of your NZ colleagues have helped out yet though.. there’s a ways to go before NZ Tertiary Ed recognises the potential in Wikis. Disappointing isn’t it 😦 My old Department had the same experience. A colleague started up a wiki for the Web Design course we all taught. He put the word out across TAFE NSW and Australia and didn’t get any bites. Much later – when his page was proving a successful resource, he started to get collaborators, not from Australia mind you!
    Let’s talk more about this when we meet this week. There are some things I think you need to do with your resource so that it is more reusable and therefore open to collaboration…
    A link to the page on your blog would be good:

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