Revelations from wiki meeting

I hosted a meeting in my office for any staff here at Otago Polytechnic interested in wikieducator and about eight or nine turned up. Leigh has documented this thoroughly in his blog
I will go back and read it sometime. As for what I got out of the meeting, the thing that finally sunk in for me is how Blogs can be used as the interface with students and the wiki is really just the repository for the activities, readings, etc for the course. The Blog will be where I communicate with the students and direct them to specific pages in the wiki for the learning activities etc. I will also use the blog to direct them to other resources on the internet and embed vidoes etc into the blog. So its the BLOG that is the central tool here and everything else flows from that! (most of you probably knew that already – what do they say about learning? – it takes seven times hearing something repeated before you learn it!)


One response to “Revelations from wiki meeting

  1. Leigh Blackall

    Nope.. I think you just needed to try a blog out 🙂

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