Progress with the "Virtual Learning Centre"

I am not making much progress with this part of the project at the moment because I am waiting for the Otago Polytechnic(OP) web site to be redeveloped. I have been told I will be given training in the new software so I can build our site. I have the vision of what I want to do and I have resources tagged and ready to go in – all I need is the platform! My vision of the site is to have nine or ten buttons which will represent the major “schools” at OP. A student who is studying say Automotive Engineering will click on the button named “automotive, mechanical and electrical eingineering” (this will be a picture of a machine or something visual and the name will appear when you scroll over it). When they click on this button they will go into the site for this “school” and see a range of support resources. These will include maths tutorials, study skills, writing skills etc – whatever is deemed appropriate for these students. This will require some input from the staff in this school.
If you are reading this please comment – do you think this vision will work, can you think of a better one?


2 responses to “Progress with the "Virtual Learning Centre"

  1. Hi Bronwyn, thanks for your comments. I do intend to have contextualised resources for each school. As for the generic area I’m undecided. If I can have it all repeated at each button it may be more accessible to students. Will they want to go to two places to find things? Thanks for the URL’s I will check them out. This blogging is really working for me!

  2. hello Helen
    I really like the idea of “school buttons” will the school pages contain contextualised handouts and material? Are you still planning to have a generic area where all students can pick up materials relevant to everyone e.g. APA referencing, how to write well etc?

    are you still keen to have n interface using a metaphor I thought of some ideas e.g. a picture of a beach resort with buttons representing different learning areas – see
    remember the idea with the Australian Flexible framework – toolbox where there is a picture of a community see:

    also one of a village:
    or a community centre:

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